Section 4

  • Section 4: Student Interaction and Community
    1. Preview of Section 4-Blackboard Course:
    2. Objective 4.1: At the beginning of the course, instructor provides an opportunity to have students self-introduce to develop the sense of community.
      • Our first week of class is a face to face meeting where students are encouraged to introduce themselves to build our community.
    3. Objective 4.2: Instructor provides the information about how to be a successful online learner/student.
      • Course syllabus outlines expectations for how to be a successful online student
    4. Objective 4.3: Navigation throughout the online components of the course is logical, consistent, and efficient.
      • Course navigation is organized in order or importance as well as chronological order of weekly content.
      • Weekly tasks/ To Do’s are organized in order as well.
      • screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-5-36-35-pm
    5. Objective 4.4: Learning activities facilitate and support active learning that encourages frequent and ongoing peer-to-peer engagement.
      • Active learning is encouraged through frequent VoiceThreads, discussion boards. Participation is based on quality of content and continuous communication through peers (responding to each other’s VoiceThreads etc).
    6. Objective 4.5: The modes and requirements for student interaction are clearly communicated.
      • Course Syllabus clearly defines the requirements as well as individual assignments (VoiceThreads & discussions for example).
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    7. Objective 4.6: Instructor clearly explains his or her role regarding participation in the online environment. Instructor participates and manages, yet lets students take reasonable ownership.
      • Instructor facilitates online environment by participating in discussions and VoiceThreads while allowing students to take the conversation where they are passionate.
    8. Objective 4.7: The course learning activities help students understand fundamental concepts, and build skills useful outside of the course.
      • Course criteria is laid out early in the course attached to student learning objectives. Students will build upon a professional portfolio. Opportunities for rough and final drafts are given. Resources and ways to connect experiences and learning are provided often.